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Benefits of a Boater Safety Course

West Palm Beach, Fl residents may be eligible for savings on their insurance policy when they take a boater safety course. Your Atlantis Insurance Inc. representative can go into greater detail on what options may be available to you. 

Benefits of a Boater Safety Course

Florida law requires that persons born after 1988 must obtain boater safety certification to operate a vessel that travels at ten or more horsepower unless for use on a lake or pond held for private use. 

In the state of Florida, it has been found that 85% of accidents involving fatalities occur with operators who have not completed a boater safety course. Simply put, this training saves lives. 

Weather conditions can sometimes change on a dime, and the proper instruction can help you navigate dangerous situations. Whether you encounter high winds, strong waves, heavy rain, or hail, it is vital to understand your role in managing your watercraft safely. Visibility can also be severely limited when storms come in, and it’s essential to be able to read the signs before embarking. 

You will also learn vital information regarding engine maintenance and the proper care of your boat. You are held responsible under the law for the wake your vessel creates, as this can harm other boats or even injure people who are nearby on land. 

In addition, you must adhere to the rules of etiquette for interacting with other boat traffic, and this is made easier when all are informed of the rules of protocol. 

Atlantic Insurance Inc. Can Help 

We pride ourselves on offering excellent insurance packages to meet our clients’ needs, and we serve those residing in the West Palm Beach, Fl area. Reach out to us today online, by phone, or stop into the office for a consultation. 

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