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Will condo insurance pay for the repair or replacement of the burst pipes in my kitchen?

Condo owners can protect their belongings just like homeowners can. Condo owners own the interior of their condo but not the exterior. They are responsible for the interior portion of their homes/condos. Our team at Atlantis Insurance Inc. is committed to helping West Palm Beach, FL condo owners get the coverage they need.

What is Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance is much like homeowners’ insurance. It is designed to provide coverage for personal liability, losses, repairs, and protection from fire, theft, vandalism, and water damage for your condo unit. Condo insurance also covers your personal belongings, liability claims against you, and other expenses.

The condo association is responsible for the maintenance and coverage of the exterior of your condo unit. You pay a condo fee to cover the upkeep and repair of the exterior areas of the condo. The condo fee provides coverage for any exterior issues, damage, or improvements for all the areas "outside" of your condo unit. In essence, a condo fee is almost like an insurance fee for the upkeep of the exterior areas of your condo.

Will condo insurance pay for the repair or replacement of the burst pipes in my kitchen?

Yes. Condo insurance provides protection from water damage from your water heater, plumbing, HVAC system, and appliances. However, the damage must be accidental and not the result of normal wear and tear. The exact provisions and eligibility of your condo insurance thoroughly outline the guidelines of your policy. Anything that isn’t covered will be explicitly outlined. Anything that isn’t clearly outlined in your policy can be directed to your insurance agent.

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If you have questions about condo insurance, call us at Atlantis Insurance Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL. We’d be happy to help you explore all of your options and get the coverage that’s best for you.

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