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Your Boat Capsized: Does Insurance Cover This?

Atlantis Insurance Inc. knows that West Palm Beach, FL residents and those in the area love boating across the state’s many lakes and in the ocean. However, capsizing is a common risk and is something that needs to be avoided. Will your boat insurance protect you? 

Capsizing is Covered in Most Cases 

Capsizing or sinking is a common occurrence for many boats due to rough weather or damage to the boat. In these situations, there’s a good chance that you will be covered. Most boat insurance policies are set up to help people out in this situation and minimize their expenses. 

Insurance should pay for things like recovering your boat, repairing it, and even replacing it if it is too damaged to fix up again. In this way, you should get the kind of protection that you need without worrying about losing your investment.

When Capsizing is NOT Covered

Though your boat insurance is likely to cover most capsizing instances, there are a few times when they may not. Most of these issues are pretty rare and include:

  • Geographic Exclusion – Your boating policy will have a specific cruising range that it covers. If you go outside this area, you may end up in trouble with a capsized boat and no coverage.
  • Named Storm Damage – Sometimes, boating policies link certain times of the year with heavy storms and will not cover you if your boat sinks or capsizes in this situation.
  • War and Terrorism – If you take your boat into a high-risk area, like an identified war zone, you may not be covered if it gets damaged or sunk by others. 

Some of these situations are pretty easy to avoid. Few people are going to take their boat into a war zone willingly. However, it is essential to know these limitations to avoid problems.

Make Sure You Get Protected

If you’re in this troubling situation and you want to avoid serious problems, talk to us at Atlantis Insurance Inc. right away to learn more. We help many West Palm Beach, FL, boat owners get the protection they need for their boating needs.

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