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What does boat insurance cover?

Atlantis Insurance Inc. of West Palm Beach, FL is committed to helping boat owners get the coverage they need. Boat insurance, like most insurance, can cover watercraft owners/operators in the event of accidents or damage caused to other people’s property or watercraft. However, boat owners can also add additional coverage to basic boat owners’ insurance. 

What Does Boat Owners Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance can carry your motorboat, sailboat, or watercraft against liability and damage you may cause to others or other people’s property. In the event of a boating accident, liability insurance will cover personal injuries to others and their property. However, liability insurance will not cover damage to other people’s property if you lend your boat or watercraft to someone else or if an uncovered person is driving your boat. Boat owners should note that they’ll be held liable for any damage caused when someone other than you operates your boat.

Other Things Covered by Boat Insurance

Boat insurance will also cover natural disasters like fire or lightning, as well. In addition, some boat policies will cover a blown engine if it’s due to manufacturer default. However, the normal wear and tear that causes a blown engine isn’t covered. 

Other Considerations

If you want coverage for people who may borrow your boat, an umbrella insurance policy may be helpful. In fact, an umbrella policy will cover you, your family, and anyone else who drives your boat. However, you can customize your boat policy to include coverage that best suits your unique situation. At Atlantis Insurance Inc. of West Palm Beach, FL, we were here to educate and guide their decision to purchase boat insurance. Give us a call. We’re here to help.

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