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Restaurant & Bar Insurance in Florida

Whether you run a restaurant or bar, there's a significant need to prepare for the unexpected. Think of slip and fall or food poisoning lawsuits. A lot can happen at your premises; your pocket could get hit if you aren't ready.

Our team at Atlantis Insurance Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL recommends taking out restaurant and bar insurance. This way, you can focus on providing a five-star service to your patrons while growing your business.

Some of the things that your policy can cover include property damage, liability claims, and liquor liability. The best part is that we can help you figure out what risks and responsibilities are specific to your business. So it's easier to decide on the suitable types of coverage. According to Florida laws, you must have workers' compensation and general liability insurance.


General liability covers your business if someone gets hurt or their property gets damaged. These things can happen while they're at your restaurant or bar. Another thing to think about is getting property insurance. It'll cover your building, equipment, and inventory in case of a fire, theft, or any other loss.

While not mandatory, liquor liability insurance is an add-on that helps you cover critical gaps. It protects you against lawsuits that general liability doesn't cover. Unfortunate incidents involving alcohol could cause problems. For instance, if a patron has too much to drink and ends up with a DUI. Third parties could blame your outlet for over-serving them with alcohol.

Another add-on you might want to consider is food contamination insurance. It covers your business if your food becomes contaminated and causes illness or injury. There are also add-ons for equipment breakdown and cyber liability. They're all customizable to suit your specific needs and budget.

With this in mind, it's wise to chat with one of our consultants at Atlantis Insurance Inc in West Palm Beach, FL. So, call or visit us to get the right coverage for your restaurant or bar. We offer obligation-free quotes in Florida.

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