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Auto Service Insurance in Florida

There's no denying that auto insurance is vital to ensuring your peace of mind. You want to avoid out-of-pocket costs for car repairs and hospital bills, but your actions may damage other people's property or cause injuries. That's why Florida law requires all motorists to have this type of coverage.

Moreover, policies available at Atlantis Insurance Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL can save you some cash over time. When deciding which level of coverage suits you, we urge you to think about various things. Look at the car's age, mileage, and overall condition.

What does the law say?

Here's the deal, in Florida, you need at least $10k protection for PIP and PDL. These protections cover personal injury (PIP) and property damage (PDL). That way, you don't stress about medical bills and lost income. The law requires that we at Atlantis pay for these items, no matter whose fault it is. And PDL covers damage you cause to other people's stuff.

We urge you to take extra coverage since the minimum requirements might not cut it. It's prudent also to take out uninsured motorist coverage and bodily injury liability. The law doesn't require these two, but they can save you a lot of headaches.


Remember that you could obtain extensive fines if you drive without car insurance in Florida. Think about it; you could have your license suspended for up to three years. And there's more; you pay for all accident damages and injuries. That adds up to a crazy amount of money, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars for doctor bills and repairs. So, we recommend getting the required coverage in Florida.

For the authorities to reinstate your license and registration, you'll need to fork out a fee of up to $500. Luckily, you'll find tons of affordable car insurance choices. The best part is that you could get sweet discounts for driving well.

So, it's best not to hold off until it's too late. Keep yourself and your wallet safe by calling us today. You can also visit our Atlantis Insurance Inc. offices in West Palm Beach, FL, for a no-obligation quote.

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