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Flood Insurance for Low-Risk Zones

You live in an area where floods are not likely, but you’ve been told you probably need flood insurance anyway. Why is that the case? Let us at Atlantis Insurance Inc. explain why residents in low-risk flood zones in West Palm Beach, FL should seriously consider flood insurance protection.

Do You Even Need Insurance in a Low-Risk Zone?

Did you know that about 25% of all flood insurance claims come directly from areas with low or moderate flood risk? While that means 75% still occur in high-risk areas, living in a low-risk area does not mean "no risk." Floods can occur in many situations when you least expect them. 

That’s just one reason why these policies are so important to consider. People in low-risk zones often don’t have the preparation skills that those in high-risk areas possess. As a result, they may even be at a higher risk of losing their items because they do not have an adequate flood insurance policy.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance will cover any damage to your home or material loss directly caused by a floor. It does not cover any natural wear and tear damage that may occur to your home over time. Some may not cover damage caused by the flood but worsened by poor maintenance management. 

However, a high-quality flood insurance policy will cover most flooding situations to provide you with the help you need to recover. Many even include temporary relocation coverage, meaning that they’ll pay for you to stay in a hotel or a temporary rental area while your house is repaired.

Where Can You Get a Policy?

Flood insurance for low-risk zones provides a strong level of protection that will minimize any problems you might experience. So please reach out to us at Atlantis Insurance Inc. to get the West Palm Beach, FL flood insurance that you need to avoid long-term concerns.

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