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Why Everyone Needs Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is exactly what it sounds like- coverage against flooding in your home. A flood insurance policy is not something that many people think about until it’s too late. This type of insurance is often ignored because many people believe that their home insurance will cover them in the event of a flood. However, it won’t. Home insurance doesn’t cover floods, and without flood insurance, you would have to pay for the extensive repairs that you would need after a flood.

To get started with flood insurance, call us at Atlantis Insurance Inc in West Palm Beach, FL.

Why Flood Insurance?

The National Flood Insurance Program

There is a U.S. program called the National Flood Insurance Program that backs all of the flood policies that are issued. The program is there to provide this important insurance to those who need it, and virtually everyone should have it. It’s especially important in Florida to have this coverage in case of floods. The program controls the price of its flood insurance so that it always costs the same no matter where you get this coverage. 

Flood Zones

There are specific flood zones that are declared as being most likely to have flooding. Many people inside those zones are required to have flood insurance by their lender or by their district. About 80% of all flood claims come from these zones. However, that means that one in five of them comes from outside of these zones. That’s why everyone should have this insurance to mitigate their risk of floods and the damage they can do. 

Get Your Flood Insurance

It’s important to have flood coverage in every part of Florida in case of certain weather events such as hurricanes. When you need flood insurance, call us at Atlantis Insurance Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL.

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