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Anchor Your Peace of Mind: Boat Insurance for West Palm Beach Boaters

Nothing is better than knowing that your most prized possessions and assets are protected. Read on to learn how to anchor your peace of mind with boat insurance protections from Atlantis Insurance Inc! 

Why You Should Protect Your Floating Investments with Boat Insurance in West Palm Beach, FL

Florida boaters understand the joy and tranquility that come along with navigating the state’s many boater-friendly waterways and marinas. However, even seasoned boaters know that the likelihood of a mishap is always present when cruising open waters. 

More boaters are turning to boat insurance to protect their floating investments against unexpected perils like boating accidents, property damage, and boating liability claims that could wipe out your finances without adequate insurance. 

Florida boat insurance can cover various floating vessels, from watercraft to luxury yachts. Each craft has unique insurance considerations that you can discuss with a trusted insurance agent. 

Get Boat Insurance in West Palm Beach! 

In many cases, boat insurance in Florida is not optional but mandatory. Local marinas, yacht clubs, and public docking facilities often require boaters to have adequate insurance coverage to protect the interests of the facilities, other boaters, and boat owners alike. 

Please don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your vessel with comprehensive boat insurance that can cover both collision and non-collision-related boating incidents! 

The insurance experts at Atlantis Insurance Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL can walk you through the intricacies of selecting the best boat insurance to cover your vessel.

Licensed and friendly insurance agents can talk to you about the benefits of boating insurance and provide you with a free custom quote based on your individual circumstances.

Benefits of a Boater Safety Course

West Palm Beach, Fl residents may be eligible for savings on their insurance policy when they take a boater safety course. Your Atlantis Insurance Inc. representative can go into greater detail on what options may be available to you. 

Benefits of a Boater Safety Course

Florida law requires that persons born after 1988 must obtain boater safety certification to operate a vessel that travels at ten or more horsepower unless for use on a lake or pond held for private use. 

In the state of Florida, it has been found that 85% of accidents involving fatalities occur with operators who have not completed a boater safety course. Simply put, this training saves lives. 

Weather conditions can sometimes change on a dime, and the proper instruction can help you navigate dangerous situations. Whether you encounter high winds, strong waves, heavy rain, or hail, it is vital to understand your role in managing your watercraft safely. Visibility can also be severely limited when storms come in, and it’s essential to be able to read the signs before embarking. 

You will also learn vital information regarding engine maintenance and the proper care of your boat. You are held responsible under the law for the wake your vessel creates, as this can harm other boats or even injure people who are nearby on land. 

In addition, you must adhere to the rules of etiquette for interacting with other boat traffic, and this is made easier when all are informed of the rules of protocol. 

Atlantic Insurance Inc. Can Help 

We pride ourselves on offering excellent insurance packages to meet our clients’ needs, and we serve those residing in the West Palm Beach, Fl area. Reach out to us today online, by phone, or stop into the office for a consultation. 

How to prepare a boat for a storm

Atlantis Insurance Inc, serving the greater West Palm Beach, FL community, is here to assist with all your boat insurance and boating needs. When a storm is brewing, you need to take steps to protect your boat. We are happy to help. 

Here are six tips to help make sure your boat survives the storm:

1. Get a weather forecast for your area in advance, so you know what to expect and can prepare accordingly.

2. Review your boat’s storm preparation checklist to make sure everything is in good working order and that you have all the necessary supplies on board. This might include things like spare parts, first aid kits, lifejackets, flares, and other safety equipment.

3. Stock up on supplies such as food, water, fuel, and batteries so you have everything you need to ride out the storm safely. This will also help ensure that you don’t run out of essentials if access to stores or services is limited during bad weather.

4. Check the condition of your lifejackets and make sure they are in good working order. This is essential for ensuring your safety if you need to evacuate the boat during a storm since large waves or strong winds can breach even the strongest hulls.

5. If your boat has any loose items on deck, like tarps, sails, or fishing gear, be sure to tie them down securely to prevent damage from high winds and heavy seas.

6. Check your bilge pump and make sure it is working properly before you get into rough weather conditions. This will help ensure that you can quickly remove any water that gets into the boat, preventing flooding and other damage.

Get Boat Insurance Today

If you have any questions about how to stay safe on your boat, give us a call today at Atlantis Insurance Inc. We proudly serve the West Palm Beach, FL area residents with all their boat insurance needs. 

Does your current watercraft policy protect your passengers?

When it comes to protecting your boat and your passengers, you can rely on Atlantis Insurance Inc. We are proud to serve the greater West Palm Beach, FL area with all of its insurance needs. If you would like to learn more about the boat insurance policy options available in the area, give us a call today.

Protecting your passenger with comprehensive boat insurance

When it comes to boating, the more the merrier! If you love taking your friends and family out on the water, it’s important that you can provide the protection they need. With a comprehensive boat policy, you will have the liability and medical expense coverage that you need.

Sitting down with a local agent is the best way to determine if you have the right coverage and also determine which level is appropriate for your needs. Without adequate coverage, you can be held liable for injuries or losses that occur on your boat. When you have the right coverage in place, you can enjoy your boat with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your passengers are protected.

Having the right insurance is an important part of boat ownership, and now is a perfect time to review your options. Don’t get caught without adequate protection. With the right boat insurance coverage, you can enjoy your boat now and for many years to come!

Call or stop by today!

Atlantis Insurance Inc. is the insurance agency that residents in the greater West Palm Beach, FL area rely on. If you’re unsure if your current policy provides the protection you need, or if you’re purchasing a boat, we can help you find the right policy. Come by our office or give us a call today!

Your Boat Capsized: Does Insurance Cover This?

Atlantis Insurance Inc. knows that West Palm Beach, FL residents and those in the area love boating across the state’s many lakes and in the ocean. However, capsizing is a common risk and is something that needs to be avoided. Will your boat insurance protect you? 

Capsizing is Covered in Most Cases 

Capsizing or sinking is a common occurrence for many boats due to rough weather or damage to the boat. In these situations, there’s a good chance that you will be covered. Most boat insurance policies are set up to help people out in this situation and minimize their expenses. 

Insurance should pay for things like recovering your boat, repairing it, and even replacing it if it is too damaged to fix up again. In this way, you should get the kind of protection that you need without worrying about losing your investment.

When Capsizing is NOT Covered

Though your boat insurance is likely to cover most capsizing instances, there are a few times when they may not. Most of these issues are pretty rare and include:

  • Geographic Exclusion – Your boating policy will have a specific cruising range that it covers. If you go outside this area, you may end up in trouble with a capsized boat and no coverage.
  • Named Storm Damage – Sometimes, boating policies link certain times of the year with heavy storms and will not cover you if your boat sinks or capsizes in this situation.
  • War and Terrorism – If you take your boat into a high-risk area, like an identified war zone, you may not be covered if it gets damaged or sunk by others. 

Some of these situations are pretty easy to avoid. Few people are going to take their boat into a war zone willingly. However, it is essential to know these limitations to avoid problems.

Make Sure You Get Protected

If you’re in this troubling situation and you want to avoid serious problems, talk to us at Atlantis Insurance Inc. right away to learn more. We help many West Palm Beach, FL, boat owners get the protection they need for their boating needs.

What does boat insurance cover?

Atlantis Insurance Inc. of West Palm Beach, FL is committed to helping boat owners get the coverage they need. Boat insurance, like most insurance, can cover watercraft owners/operators in the event of accidents or damage caused to other people’s property or watercraft. However, boat owners can also add additional coverage to basic boat owners’ insurance. 

What Does Boat Owners Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance can carry your motorboat, sailboat, or watercraft against liability and damage you may cause to others or other people’s property. In the event of a boating accident, liability insurance will cover personal injuries to others and their property. However, liability insurance will not cover damage to other people’s property if you lend your boat or watercraft to someone else or if an uncovered person is driving your boat. Boat owners should note that they’ll be held liable for any damage caused when someone other than you operates your boat.

Other Things Covered by Boat Insurance

Boat insurance will also cover natural disasters like fire or lightning, as well. In addition, some boat policies will cover a blown engine if it’s due to manufacturer default. However, the normal wear and tear that causes a blown engine isn’t covered. 

Other Considerations

If you want coverage for people who may borrow your boat, an umbrella insurance policy may be helpful. In fact, an umbrella policy will cover you, your family, and anyone else who drives your boat. However, you can customize your boat policy to include coverage that best suits your unique situation. At Atlantis Insurance Inc. of West Palm Beach, FL, we were here to educate and guide their decision to purchase boat insurance. Give us a call. We’re here to help.

What does boat insurance cover

It doesn’t get any better than owning a boat in West Palm Beach, FL. You have almost limitless access to water, whether on the InterCoastal, the Atlantic Ocean, the Chain of Lakes, and the many canals, just to name a few. Whether you are using a sailboat or a powerboat, the possibility that something could go wrong is always there. Before you hit the open water, having boat insurance should be seriously considered. At Atlantis Insurance Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL, we are here to help make the process of getting the insurance you need as painless and stressfree as possible. 


Liability insurance protects you from the results of an accident you cause. It can be damage that you cause to someone’s property, or it can be an injury to a person. If you don’t have a liability policy, you would have to pay these expenses out of your own pocket, and this could result in you losing everything you have worked so hard for and even your future earnings. 


If your boat is damaged by an accident you cause or by a collision with an object in the water, this coverage will help pay for your boat’s repairs. Depending on how bad the damage is, it could even replace your boat. 


This coverage is for things beyond your control, such as weather-related events like a tree limb falling on your boat, fire, vandalism, and theft. 


If you have special equipment in your boats such as a fish finder, navigation equipment, and anything else that might tempt a thief, it is wise to get this additional coverage. 

At Atlantis Insurance Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL, you are in good hands when it comes to the service we provide. We pride ourselves on making sure you get everything you need from our team. We invite you to stop by our office or give us a call to make an appointment for a free quote.  

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