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What Does Truck Insurance Cover?

Business owners offering trucking services need to invest in commercial truck insurance. If you live in West Palm Beach, FL, you can consider Atlantis Insurance Inc. for your truck insurance needs. The right coverage will address the most probable trucking risks you might encounter. 

For those new in truck insurance, keep reading this guide for more insight on a policy. It is important to fully understand what you are purchasing and how it works.

Basic Insurance 

Among the coverage options that you’ll get with trucking insurance are comprehensive and collision coverage. Comprehensive insurance covers the cost of repairing your truck up to a certain limit. On the other hand, collision coverage ensures the cost of repairing the other vehicle if you were the at-fault driver. 

Specialized Insurance 

Atlantis Insurance Inc. has a variety of options for commercial trucking insurance. The specialized coverage considers insurance for other liabilities, such as bodily injuries and property damage. Depending on your type of trucking services, it would be best to get in touch with our firm to know what options are available for you. 

If you go for a commercial truck policy, you will be covered for:

Bodily Injury 

The policy covers medical bills or legal costs resulting from an accident caused by your truck. The cover further extends to falls or slips on your premises. 

Property Damage

Commercial truck insurance covers the cost of replacement or repair for property damaged by your truck. It also covers losses from wrong address delivery. 

Driver Accidents

If your truck driver happens to cause property damage on another site, your insurance will compensate for the damage. 

Commercial truck insurance is indispensable if you’re in the trucking industry. For business owners in West Palm Beach, FL, Atlantis Insurance Inc. has all you need to protect your investment. The experienced team will answer all your questions regarding commercial trucking insurance. Contact us today for all your trucking insurance needs. 

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