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Beauty Salons & Barbershops Insurance in Florida

Running a hair salon is essential as it can help people in your community look their best. If you're making your clients feel more confident, you have to be satisfied with your insurance coverage too.

We all know that everything can't go to plan in business, and beauty salon and barbershop businesses are just as prone to lawsuits as any other industry. Whether you have a dissatisfied client or one of your skilled stylists is involved in an accident, you need protection to keep your business profitable and safe.

What insurance do Florida Beauty Salons and Barbershops need?

Any salon needs a comprehensive plan to protect the operations of your business. Leaving your business open to a potential lawsuit or not carrying general liability insurance can put everyone that works at your location at risk.

The brokers at Atlantis Insurance Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL can extend your coverage by:

  • Offering worker's compensation insurance
  • Extending your liability insurance to cover professional liability when a customer is dissatisfied
  • Extending coverage for business owners' policy insurance to protect your property.
  • Extending your general liability insurance to cover accidents or slander in online reviews resulting in lost work.
  • And more

An added protection level in this industry is crucial. If you run a salon or barber shop in Florida, you could miss out on insurance amendments that could safeguard your business and the jobs it provides. A damaging lawsuit or review could happen at any time and result in significant losses for your business; establishing a solution today with insurance will keep your doors open and provide security.

Contact Atlantis Insurance Inc.

Contact our brokers at Atlantis Insurance Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL for more information on Florida beauty salon and barbershop insurance. Our skilled brokers can guide you through options that suit your budget and that can prepare your business to operate with the same confidence you instill in your clients.

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