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Trucking Insurance in Florida

Spending time on the roads of Florida can be a challenge, especially in tractor-trailers. When you’re a trucker, whether you’re an independent owner/operator or you’re the owner of a full fleet, you need trucking insurance that you can depend on. At Atlantis Insurance Inc, we’ll help you understand more about the coverage that is available to you.

What is trucking insurance?

As you drive your commercial truck all around West Palm Beach, FL and beyond, you need to have insurance that keeps you protected. Trucking insurance is a type of commercial insurance policy that protects your truck. It allows you to adhere to state law while also ensuring that the contents of your truck is also insured.

There are big differences between personal and commercial policies. Big rigs need more coverage than what a sedan or SUV would require. As such, there are different types of policies to explore – and our agents can ask you a number of questions to help you figure out what kind of coverage is needed for your commercial truck.

How to Find the Right Policy

It’s important to look at the type of truck that you drive to determine coverage requirements. With so many commercial vehicles on the roads, they pose different risks. Depending on the truck you drive, there may be such things to explore as:

  • Number of passengers
  • Presence of hazardous materials
  • Type of cargo being hauled

Whatever the situation, there’s a type of trucking insurance that will work for you. It ensures that you have the necessary protection to not only stay compliant with Florida law but also to keep you financially protected. Our independent agents can guide you through the process of shopping for policies, making comparisons, and building a customized policy that will protect you all year long.

Contact us at Atlantis Insurance Inc today to learn more about the different options available when you need trucking insurance in West Palm Beach, FL.

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