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How Home Insurance Protects You

When you are a homeowner, it’s important to always have a home insurance policy to protect yourself financially. A home insurance policy contains a number of different types of protection that can all save you from financial problems. If you don’t yet have a home insurance policy, call us now at Atlantis insurance Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL.

Home Insurance: What You Need To Know

Protection for Your House

One of the biggest ways that this coverage protects you is by protecting your investment in your home. Usually a person’s largest investment, a home can be damaged by a number of incidents. These may include occurrences like accidents and certain disasters. When you have this coverage in place, it will pay for the repairs that are needed after the damaging incident happens. Major repairs can be extremely expensive, and having this coverage can save you from financial ruin after a serious incident. 

Liability Protection

A home policy also gives you protection against the liability you have as a homeowner. When there is a third party on your property who becomes injured there, you are likely to be held responsible for the medical bills for the accident. If you don’t have home insurance, all of those bills must be paid from your own pocket. Make sure that your liability is covered with a home insurance policy. 

Protection For Your Items

When you have a home insurance policy, you also have protection for all of your possessions inside it. If a damaging incident happens and your items are ruined, you can have your policy pay for the items to be replaced. With this coverage, you won’t have to cover those costs alone. 

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When Should I Review My Home Insurance Policy?

Most West Palm Beach, FL homeowners faithfully maintain their home, but this doesn’t apply when it comes to home insurance. After buying and continually renewing home insurance, many don’t update their policy to ensure their current needs are covered. This trend is dangerous in two ways: you could be underinsured or over insured — and both are not prudent for your finances. 

If you are wondering when to review your home insurance policy, hang on as Atlantis Insurance Inc. guides when you should update your policy to ensure you have the right coverage. 

How often should I review my home insurance plan?

As a rule of thumb, you should review your home insurance at least once a year. But what changes should your home insurance agent be aware of? Here is a list.

Personal life changes

There is a lot that can happen in your personal life within a year. If the below changes happen in your life, ensure that your insurance agent is aware.

  • You get married or divorced
  • You start a home-based business
  • You are blessed with a kid (whether by birth or adoption)
  • Your aging parents starting living with you

The above changes can affect your premiums and alter your coverage needs. As such, you need to update your home insurance policy to ensure you are covered optimally. 

You buy or sell off personal assets

Have you upgraded your wardrobe? Perhaps, you have disposed of old electronics and bought new ones? Either way, all these changes should be reflected in your home insurance coverage. 

You have remodeled your home

Significant renovations can change the value of your home. That said, you better update your home insurance policy to ensure you will be compensated fully if your home were to be damaged. 

Would you like to get more information regarding home insurance? Please get in touch with Atlantis Insurance Inc. of West Palm Beach, FL. We will answer your home insurance questions, including when to upgrade your policy. 

Why Florida Vacation Homes are Great for Retirees and Other Small-Time Real Estate Investors

By Jim Vogel

The housing market in Florida is hot right now. If you’ve been thinking of downsizing or retiring to a beachfront destination, the Gulf Coast might be the perfect choice. The subtropical climate means the weather is warm year-round. Florida also is one of the most tax-friendly states in America for retirees. It’s also a great spot to own a vacation home or to get started with small-time real estate investing.  Here are some reasons why the Sunshine State makes a great choice for retirees or rental property owners: Why It Pays to Purchase in Florida It’s a great market for purchasing a home in Florida. The state’s housing prices were among the hardest hit during the recession a few years ago, and they haven’t fully recovered. This may not be ideal for sellers but if you’re looking to buy, it’s great news.  Homes in the Gulf Coast are easy to convert into real estate rentals or to use as the perfect vacation home. Because they also maintain their property value reasonably well, they can provide a good return on investment. You can save even more money by purchasing a home with smaller square footage, a home that is slightly further from the beach, or by considering a condominium or townhouse.  Purchasing Your Florida Home  There are some things to consider before purchasing a vacation home or rental property, especially if you do not currently live in Florida. First, you’ll want to balance your budget and determine how much house you can afford. You’ll also want to carefully research the areas of Florida to determine which housing market makes the most sense for you. How close is it to the beach? To your family? To hospitals, gas stations, and grocery stores?  Consider the local culture. Is there live music or an arts scene? Are there plenty of activities that fit your interests? Are there lots of tasty restaurants to satisfy your inner foodie? Not only will these things influence your enjoyment of the home, but it could draw guests and tenants, too.  Be sure to consider crime maps, too. You want to be happy with your choice of location and in an area that will be ideal if you ever decide to resell or rent your home. In fact, if you’re interested in renting your home out as a vacation rental or other real estate property, ExtraSpace reports some parts of Florida are among the most profitable in the nation for homeowners who list on sites like AirBNB.  Renting Your Florida Home Maybe you only spend a few weeks in your Florida vacation home each year. You don’t have to leave your home vacant the rest of the time — instead, you can turn it into a profitable rental business! If the distance is great or you don’t want to attend to every detail of running your business, you can work with a property manager. You might be nervous that your personal assets would be vulnerable if someone were to sue your rental business. By setting up an LLC for your business, you can alleviate this anxiety. Start an LLC in FL quickly and easily by going through an online formation service. CNBC notes this is also a great way to secure specific tax breaks!  Protecting Your Florida Home Obviously, one of the biggest preparations you’ll need to make with any home in Florida is preparing for natural disasters such as hurricanes. There are physical preparations, such as installing shutters and impact-resistant windows, but you should also invest in the right insurance for your Florida home, especially flood insurance, and Atlantis Insurance can help you determine what is best in your situation. Although hurricanes are as unpredictable as they are expensive, preparing for one in advance can prevent expensive out-of-pocket repairs down the road.  Enjoy Your Florida Home Once you’ve made the decision to purchase property in Florida, you’ll likely have no problems adjusting to the way of life here. With its sparkling white sand beaches, magnificent sunsets, and breathtakingly calm waters, the Gulf Coast is not only one of the most beautiful places in Florida; it is also one of the most livable.  Atlantis Insurance offers services to meet all your needs. Call us today at 561-983-4333 to learn more about what we can do to provide you with peace of mind. 

Is home insurance needed in West Palm Beach?

The West Palm Beach, FL area is a great place for someone to visit or move to. When you are going to purchase a home in this area of Florida, you will be making a massive investment. One way that you can protect this investment is by getting a proper insurance policy. There are several reasons why having home insurance in this area of Florida is necessary.

Required to Protect Property

If you invest in a property in West Palm Beach, you will be making a big investment. You should then focus on protecting this investment as well as you can. A great way that you can do this is by getting a home insurance policy, which will give you appropriate coverage if your home is damaged or destroyed.

Required for Compliance

Another reason you will need to get home insurance here is that it will be required for you to have to comply with various agreements. When you purchase a home and take out a loan, you will need to meet your lender’s insurance requirements. Also, if you live in a home association, you will have to comply with the association insurance rules. 

There are many reasons that a West Palm Beach, FL area property owner should get a home insurance policy. When you are in the market for a new home insurance policy, it would be a good idea to speak with someone you can trust and understand the complexities of choosing a new policy. The team at Atlantis Insurance Inc. is a great group to call for all of your insurance needs. When you do call Atlantis Insurance Inc., you can learn far more about your options, and they will help you choose a quality policy. 

Benefits of Home Insurance for your Florida Property

The West Palm Beach, FL area is a great place to live permanently or to visit. For a lot of people, owning real estate in this area of the state could be a great option. When you do decide to buy a property here, you should consider your insurance needs. Several benefits come when you get a new home insurance policy. 

Protects Your Assets

One of the advantages that come when you get a home insurance policy is that it can protect your valuable assets. If you do own real estate in West Palm Beach, you will have to make a big purchase and investment. By getting a home insurance policy, you are going to receive a lot of coverage for both the property and your personal assets. This will give coverage against damage, theft, and other situations that could result in a loss.

Liability Protection

You should also get a home insurance policy as it will give you liability protection. When you do have a property that you own, there is a risk that a guest could be injured inside the property. If this does occur, you will want to have liability coverage. Your home insurance will give you the coverage you need to provide adequate protection. 

When you are a property owner in the West Palm Beach, FL area, it is crucial that you get the support that you need to choose a new home insurance policy. When you are going to purchase a home and need insurance, you should call the team at Atlantis Insurance Inc. When you call Atlantis Insurance Inc., you can receive the advice that will help pick a policy that provides you with the right type and level of coverage.

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