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Is flood insurance available for Florida residents?

Anyone who lives in a state that participates in the National Flood Insurance Program is eligible for flood insurance. Fortunately, most US states participate in the NFIP. Of course, areas like Florida, which are considered flood zones, are definitely eligible for this type of coverage. In fact, it’s possible to purchase flood insurance from private insurance companies as well as from the FEMA program.

Flood Insurance for Florida Residents

Florida is a state that participates in the NFIP and is also considered a flood zone. How much you pay for flood insurance depends on your area or zone. If you live in a higher flood risk zone, you may pay more than someone who lives in a lower-risk flood zone. However, other factors may affect how much you pay for flood insurance. FEMA has an extensive map that outlines flood zones.  Also, there may also be other maps that provide this information as well.

Atlantis Insurance Inc. of West Palm Beach, FL is committed to educating customers on the ABCs of flood insurance and how it works. Plus, Florida has many private insurance companies that provide flood insurance for Florida residents. Residents can choose between participating in the flood insurance program with the NFIP or acquiring flood insurance from a private company. 

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

The standard NFIP policy provides up to $250K of property/home damage coverage for Florida residents. Actual cash value coverage is provided for up to $100K and is designed to cover personal items/belongings. West Palm Beach, FL residents that have questions about flood insurance, should call our team at Atlantis Insurance Inc. We’d be happy to explore your unique situation and discuss flood insurance benefits with you. 


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