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What is a Condo Association and How Does it Impact Insurance?

If you are considering purchasing a condo or already own one, it is essential to remember that a condominium association governs it. In short, a condominium association is a legal entity of homeowners in a condominium community who work with each other to maintain property values and the aesthetic of the neighborhood. To facilitate, the owners within the condo community elect from their neighbors a board of directors that are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day tasks of the association and enforcing any community rules. Since board members are volunteers that do not receive compensation for their roles, with many maintaining full-time jobs, most condo associations opt to contract a professional management company to assist in daily operations such as collecting dues, contract negotiation, maintenance facilitation, and more. As a resident of a condo association, you will be required to pay dues that contribute towards the cost of running the neighborhood, including maintenance of all common areas such as a pool, sidewalks, elevators, roofs, and shared hallways. 

As the condominium owner, you’ll purchase a specialized condo insurance policy that covers your belongings, damage to the interior of the unit – including walls, and liability coverage in case a third party is injured while at your home. Separately, the condo association will maintain its insurance policy – paid for partly by your dues – for all shared areas of the property and the exterior of your unit. 

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