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Is It Time To Shop For a New Insurance Policy?

Auto insurance is a necessary expense and required by law in most states. Because this is a required expense in most states it is imperative that customers find the absolute best deal on auto insurance. The best way to always make sure you are getting a great deal on auto insurance is to periodically shop around and compare rates. At Atlantis Insurance Inc. serving West Palm Beach, FL, we enjoy educating our clients and future clients on these topics. Keep reading to learn about when you should start shopping for a new auto insurance policy. 

Shop Annually

It is recommended to shop around once a year and compare rates on car insurance. This gives you the opportunity to see what new deals are available and also to see what new discounts are available based on changes you may have made in your life, such as getting married or buying a house. 

Family Changes

When there are changes in your family dynamics you should consider shopping for a new insurance policy. Changes in family dynamics that can affect car insurance include: getting married, getting divorced, adding a new driver, or taking off a driver. These changes can have a huge impact on the cost of your insurance. Be sure to discuss these changes with an insurance representative when you are shopping for the best rates. 

New Car Purchase 

When you purchase a new vehicle you will need to have insurance in place. This is a great time to shop around and see what the best deal will be for your new and existing vehicles. There are often multi-vehicle discounts available for people who will have more than one vehicle on the policy. 

If you would like to learn more about auto insurance, please contact our friendly staff at Atlantis Insurance Inc. serving West Palm Beach, FL. 

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