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Auto Insurance Basics to Know Before You Get Your First Policy

Getting your first auto insurance policy can be exciting since it probably means you’re just now getting your first car or your ability to drive. Working with an industry professional at Atlantis Insurance Inc. servicing West Palm Beach, FL can help.

We’re happy to give you the information you need to find the right auto policy. Below are a few things that can help you as you shop for your first car and get your first license. 

Auto Insurance Is Required to Drive Off the Lot

If you’re buying a car, you’ll need a policy to drive that car off the dealership lot. You can buy a vehicle before getting an insurance policy, but you’ll need proof of insurance before the dealer provides you with keys. Many dealerships will allow you to show digital proof of your insurance, or you can have your insurance company fax the policy to you at the dealership. 

Full Coverage Is Required If You’re Getting a Loan

If you’re getting an auto loan, the bank will most likely require you to get full coverage for the vehicle. This helps protect the bank if you get in an accident before the loan is paid off. When the loan is paid off, you can change your coverage to a liability-only policy if that is your preference. 

Liability Insurance Is a Legal Requirement for Driving

Even if you aren’t required to get a full coverage policy, you will need to have liability insurance to drive on the roads. This is a requirement by law.

Have more questions? Call Atlantis Insurance Inc., servicing West Palm Beach, FL, to learn more about your first auto insurance policy. 

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