Whether you’re single and in your 20s or you have a large family to take care of, insurance is important. 

Construction Insurance

Contractors and property owners must have construction insurance before beginning any project within Florida

Restaurant & Bar Insurance

Whether you run a restaurant or bar, there's a significant need to prepare for the unexpected.

Trucking Insurance

At Atlantis Insurance Inc, we’ll help you understand more about the coverage that is available to you.

Real Estate Insurance

Although Florida state law doesn't require you to have insurance for your property, it still makes sense to take out homeowner's insurance.

Distribution & Wholesale Insurance

Regularly revisiting your business insurance is crucial if you are a retailer, wholesaler, or distributor.

Auto Service Insurance

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Beauty Salons & Barbershops Insurance

Any salon needs a comprehensive plan to protect the operations of your business.

Atlantis Insurance Inc

West Palm Beach, FL Insurance Agents

Whether you’re single and in your 20s or you have a large family to take care of, insurance is important. Lucky for you, Atlantis Insurance Inc can help you get the best West Palm Beach, FL insurance policies to protect your family and assets.

A Simple Solution

When disaster strikes, it’s tough to be properly prepared. Not only do you have a lot of little tasks to take care of, but chances are also you’re emotionally overwhelmed, too. The best thing you can hope for in these times is a helping hand that simplifies the process of dealing with everything

Coverage for All

Everybody has different needs when it comes to insurance, which is why we offer Florida insurance for just about anything you can imagine. While some people may just need basic coverage so they can drive legally, others may have lots of recreational vehicles and toys they need to insure as well.

Personal Insurance

Serving And Providing Best Services For Clients

Auto Insurance

If there’s one thing just about every American needs, it’s auto insurance. Not only does a Florida auto insurance policy…

Home Insurance

There are a lot of assets you need to protect in your life, but your home may be the most important.

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

When you own a boat or some other watercraft, West Palm Beach, FL offers plenty of waterways to enjoy yourself…

RV Insurance

Spending time in an RV in Florida can be a great way to enjoy yourself. It’s a considerable investment, too, so you want to…

Insurance is important

but it's not always easy to shop for

At Atlantis Insurance Inc, we make it easy for you to find the coverage you need. Give us a call or visit our West Palm Beach, FL office to find out more today.

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Connect Our Agent

Our agents at Atlantis Insurance Inc are dedicated to helping you find the perfect insurance policy tailored to your unique needs, whether it’s for basic legal coverage or insuring a variety of recreational vehicles.

Select Best Policy

We offer a wide range of Florida insurance options to protect your family, assets, and various properties, ensuring you’re prepared before any unforeseen events occur.

Insured With Policy

Shopping for insurance can be complex, but at Atlantis Insurance Inc, we make it straightforward for you to secure the coverage you need with ease.


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The best way to make sure you’re protecting yourself, your family and your property is to speak with one of our agents about the coverage you need.

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Atlantis Insurance provided me with comprehensive coverage options that were tailored to my specific needs. Their knowledgeable agents helped me understand the details of my policy, ensuring I had the right protection for my assets. I couldn’t be happier with the service and peace of mind they’ve given me.

Alexender Hobbs

I was impressed by the exceptional service I received from Atlantis Insurance. They were prompt, professional, and truly cared about finding the best insurance solutions for my business. Their dedication to their clients is evident, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking reliable insurance services.

Sally Watson

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The best way to make sure you’re protecting yourself, your family and your property is to speak with one of our agents about the coverage you need.