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Required Auto Insurance in Florida

In Florida, there are specific auto insurance laws that pertain to Florida drivers and car owners. There are two types of coverage that are required by law, and there are several others that are highly recommended for drivers though not required by law. If you need auto coverage, contact us today at Atlantis Insurance Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL.

Personal Injury Protection

Florida is considered to be a no-fault state. That means that each driver must have their own personal injury protection policy. This policy has a set amount that is allowed for medical bills after an accident. The amount required by the state is fairly low, though, and a serious accident would cost more than the minimum required amount. It’s recommended that you raise the amount you are covered for. 

Liability Coverage

There is a low amount required for property damage liability. This is coverage for the driver of the other vehicle if you were responsible for the accident. This coverage pays for the damage that your vehicle causes to theirs. The amount required is low, however, and raising it can help you to meet those charges if and when the day comes. 

In Florida, there is no amount required for bodily injury liability. The state relies on personal injury protection coverage to take care of injuries and so does not make bodily injury liability coverage required. However, your medical bills after an accident can easily outstrip your personal injury protection. That’s why it’s a good idea to add bodily injury liability to your policy. If you were to be at fault for an accident in which someone was injured, and they used all of their personal injury protection, you could be sued for the rest. If you have this liability coverage, the policy would pay toward that overage. 

Get Covered

To get your auto coverage, contact us at Atlantis insurance Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL. 

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